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In 2008, Montebello developed a new department that their President, Betty Pilon, likes to call “Trash and Treasures”. They sell new and used machinery and spare parts online to customers around the world. Montebello takes equipment and parts they no longer need, whether used or new, and markets them online for sale rather than just scraping them. This allows for other companies and consumers to take benefit of purchasing parts, which are sometimes discontinued and hard to find.

Over the years, it’s expanded and now offers the service to other companies within the Jim Pattison Group, as well as local businesses. On their behalf, Montebello lists the items in their already trusted and developed online presences, eBay and their own ecommerce site. This is beneficial to both parties, allowing conversion of obsolete assets into “treasures”. Net sales go directly to the bottom line.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Way to recycle old and used equipment instead of simply trashing it
  • Allows others to acquire some discontinued products that are sparse or hard to locate normally
  • Trade out equipment that’s no longer needed to purchase new beneficial equipment

Montebello Machinery & Spare Parts

Web: www.montebellostores.com
eBay: ebay.montebellostores.com