The New Wave in Food Packaging – Tube Filling

Monfitello’s mission is to promote and facilitate tubes as a preferred food packaging choice.

Differentiate your boutique brands and specialty foods with the affordable luxury of a preferred package. Lightweight and shatterproof, compact and re-closable tubes chill faster and keep their cool longer than either glass or plastic. Your condiments are kept pure and protected from air impurities and cross contamination.

The process is quick and easy.
1. Remove cap or tab      2. Squeeze out contents      3. Replace cap if required

FACT: 20% of all aluminum tubes sold in Europe are used to package a wide variety of food products
FACT: Today’s demographic and environmental dynamics create a timely opportunity for us to welcome this proven packaging option to the North American market.

Why fill aluminum and laminate tubes with food products?

Features and Benefits of Laminate and Aluminum Tube Packaging

  • Light weight – Portable & easy to carry in knapsacks AND reduce GHG emissions by using less fossil fuel than heavier packaging choices in transportation to market.
  • Shatterproof – Less breakage = less waste, kid friendly and store friendly AND reduces the need for protective secondary packaging.
  • Compact – More facings, more turns = more dollars per square inch. Perfect variety packs and line extensions. The tubes compact size recognizes today’s changing demographics. Smaller families and singles want a smaller package that won’t date out before the product is finished AND tubes save energy by taking up less space in trucks during transportation and in refrigerated space.
  • Easy to open and Re-closable – Easier to open than cans or jars, easy for kids and easy for seniors. Re-closable caps protect contents AND reduce spoilage and waste.
  • Superior Barrier Properties – Aluminum has the best barrier properties of any packaging material, laminate is a close second creating a package that offers the best shelf life and less returns. Protection from air and light means even the most delicate contents remain stable. The small opening also prevents cross contamination – no more mustard in the mayo jar – and reduces the exposure to airborne bacteria. Reducing waste reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Sustainability – See all of the above in green. Aluminum is easily recycled and a very valuable material which helps pay for municipal recycling. Laminate tubes are not easily recyclable at this time.

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