Our Sales Team

Tom Zopf – Vice-President of Sales


  • @ Montebello Packaging since 2006
  • Background in Engineering and Computer Science
  • 19 years experience in the packaging machinery business
  • His extensive experience allows him to understand what his customer wants and how best to achieve this goal
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Enjoys golfing, boating, swimming and bowling
  • Loves spending time with family

John K. Iorii – Director of Sales

John Iorii

  • @ Montebello Packaging since 2004
  • Being a people oriented person, he approaches each client with enthusiasm, persistence, and a positive outlook.
  • His inspiration is in developing new business in all technologies for Montebello to maintain sustained growth
  • Likes the company atmosphere and says, “It is always a pleasure to come to work knowing that you are treated with respect and appreciation for the job you perform.”
  • Hobbies include collecting vintage cameras, watches, and pens
  • Enjoys fishing and boating

Chris Nyarady – Regional Sales Manager

Chris Nyarady

  • @ Montebello Packaging since 2009
  • loves people and has an unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction
  • takes pride in his work with attention to detail
  • says the people at Montebello Packaging are like family, which creates a very pleasant work environment
  • his high energy level augments his drive and focus to attain total customer satisfaction
  • enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and spending time with his family

Edgar Reyes – Sales Manager, Mexico


  • @ Montebello Packaging since 2003
  • Originally employed as a Shipping Manager before becoming Sales Manager
  • Is honest and respectful making sure that all clients’ needs are fulfilled.
  • Enjoys meeting people and bringing new customers to Montebello Packaging
  • Says it’s a pleasure working here because there is opportunity to grow along with the company
  • Has a keen interest in car world
  • Enjoys travelling with his family and listening to music

Gloria Duern – Regional Sales Manager Central Canada

Gloria Duern

  • @ Montebello Packaging since 2007
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • 28 years experience in the packaging industry
  • Has a passion for the packaging industry, an endless supply of energy, an uncompromising belief in this company, and a “never give up” attitude!
  • Her extensive knowledge of the industry allows her to focus on customers’ needs, giving them exactly what they require
  • Special interests include home improvements, horseback riding, driving draft horses, and camping.
  • Enjoys her friends and family get-togethers

Kathy Mercer – Sales Manager

Kathy Mercer

  • @ Montebello Packaging since 1985
  • Has worked previously in QC/QA, as a production supervisor, and in customer service
  • Her extensive experience and knowledge in every area of production, to the finished product, has gained her a strong reputation in the business
  • She is creative and open minded with a positive enthusiastic friendly manner.
  • Her dedication to total customer satisfaction with an eye for innovation is reflected by her repeat clientele
  • Intuitive perception about what the customer wants and a dynamic and outgoing personality to see it through to completion
  • Has a “joy of life” that spills over into every aspect of her life
  • Loves spending time with family and friends
  • Enjoys reading and outdoor sports including biking, hiking, and fishing.