President’s Welcome


Montebello is a world class manufacturer of collapsible aluminum and laminate tubes, as well as ink marker shells and monobloc aerosol cans. We also provide custom contracting in our Canadian government certified food filling plant for tubes under our Monfitello brand. This has allowed us to diversify into new products and offerings.

We started in a small plant in Montebello, Quebec in 1952 making only collapsible aluminum tubes using technology brought to North America by our original Swiss owners. Since that time we have grown to five locations located in Canada and United States making several products for our core market of pharmaceutical and consumer customers

Our depth of experience, dedication and the intelligence of our employees have allowed us to adapt and meet the challenges of a changing world. We continue to develop new products such as our patented neckless laminate tube, our m-deco process, and our one piece flip top shoulder for plastic and laminate tubes. We are recognized in the industry as innovative led by our employees who are quick to respond to the markets’ needs as we produce products that meet and exceed our customer’s high quality requirements at competitive prices.

We believe in simple values of:

  • Treating each other as we want to be treated, with dignity and respect
  • Leaving this world a little better off than how we found it
  • By giving just a little more than we take, each day
  • And doing each of these things with a smile and a thank you
Betty Pilon