MTSL New Vision Inspection Machine
MTSL’s New Vision Inspection Machine

For years Montebello Packaging worked with other companies to design and engineer custom solutions to help them increase their business in the packaging world. In 2008, Montebello Packaging acquired V-Mark Automation, a company that had been in the engineering business for 40 plus years.

Montebello Packaging’s engineering division, now Montebello Technical Service Limited or just MTSL, has been in the business of designing and manufacturing automatic production equipment since 1965. Having an in-house engineering solution allows them to design and build out a wide variety of custom, efficient and reliable high-speed automatic assembly production machines, not only for their own use but also for other companies.

MTSL has an experienced, dedicated and diversified staff including highly skilled crafts-persons required for the effective implementation of their projects. They learned their skills while developing proven automated solutions in writing instruments, cosmetics, custom packaging, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, and a wide range of other industries.