Laminate Tubes

Laminate combines the benefit of aluminum tube properties with the look and feel of plastic. The “New Generation” of laminate tubes uses the most modern technology to produce a tube with the industry’s most aesthetic minimal seam, providing maximum space for graphics and brand decoration. Laminate material virtually prevents transfer of light, air and moisture. Montebello also offers a wide variety of graphics and an assortment of sizes and styles. Their capabilities allow them to make a tube as small as 1/2 inch (12.7mm) in diameter.

LayersLaminate Layer Construction
Aluminum integrity
Plastic tube shelf appeal

Wide variety of graphics – 6 colors

Protective Barriers
High gloss protective lacquer
Resistant barrier for products requiring maximum compatibility
Flavor and fragrance protection with reduced absorption

The Laminate Process:

Laminate tubes begin as flat web stock, manufactured by the leading global suppliers. It is printed to your exacting specifications on the finest quality letterpress or rotogravure equipment. The printed web is formed into a tubular shape, cut to the desired length to become a “sleeve”. It is then “headed”, joined with a molded shoulder. We can add a tamper evident sealed neck membrane for product protection. Last the tube is capped, inspected and packed. This is a totally integrated system, with the entire package being assembled in line.


Foil Laminates

  •     Provides light, air and moisture barrier
  •     Aluminum properties with the look and feel of plastic
  •     Reduced aroma absorption
  •     Silver, White, Custom Color

All Plastic Laminates (APL)

  •     High Barrier (chemical resistant)
  •     Offers ‘Feel’ of Mono Layer Plastic Tube
  •     EVOH layer makes the tube more cosmetically pleasing while maintaining barrier qualities
  •     Retains shape and form
  •     Opaque, Transparent



Laminate #10 Opthalmic Tube Packaging
Laminate #10 Opthalmic Tube
Laminate #16 Nasal Tube Packaging
Laminate #16 Nasal Tube
Laminate #16 Tube Packaging
Laminate #16 Tube
Laminate #28 T13 Tube Packaging
Laminate #28-T13 Tube
Laminate Caulking Tube Packaging
Laminate Caulking Tube
Laminate Neckless Tube Packaging
Laminate Neckless Tube


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