Our Management Team


Jean-François Leclerc – President

  • Business IT Consultant for Montebello Packaging since 2009, joined the company in 2014
  • Loves all facets of business management and believes in teamwork and collaboration
  • Has 15 years of experience in Business Processes and Information Technology
  • Brings years of experience from the distribution industry in purchasing, inventory, warehouse management
  • Loves to implement business solutions to improve productivity, increase visibility and provide meaningful data
  • Special interests include reading, construction, home automation
  • Enjoys spending time with his family

Peter Stathopoulos – Vice President of Operations & Engineering

  • @ Montebello Packaging since 2008
  • Has over 25 years of R& D, Manufacturing and Custom Automation experience
  • Is dedicated to building a strong multidisciplinary, high performing Engineering Team
  • Is passionate about developing and creating functional and simple new technologies, using state-of-art prototyping and innovative engineering techniques to solve simple & complex Manufacturing, Production & Quality challenges
  • His honesty, passion, commitment, confidence, creativity and vision are some of the important skills that empower his Team to deliver the best engineered solutions possible to all of our Montebello plants and departments.
  • Enjoys large family gatherings, reading fiction & technical books and traveling

Caroline Leblanc – Director of Finance

  • Joined Montebello Packaging in 2016
  • Holds a CPA, CMA designation from Quebec CPA Order
  • Holds 15 years of experience in different type of industries including as an accounting auditor and a pharmaceutical company controller
  • Believes that teamwork, trust, integrity and communication are key to success
  • Loves to contribute to process improvements, operation analysis and financial and operational performance visibility
  • Enjoys nature, spending time outdoors, music and has a soft spot for animals

Fred Long – Director of Quality Operations

  • Joined Montebello Packaging in 2012.
  • Holds background education in life sciences.
  • Built his skills set and quality background through 13 years in the pharmaceutical industry prior to joining Montebello Packaging.
  • Believes that out of strong teamwork, robust systems are created and continuous improvements evolves, which in the end, benefits your company and your customers.
  • Curious and always eager to learn, enjoys developing his comprehension of systems and processes.
  • When not working, appreciates spending time with his family, working around the house, music, and occasional online gaming.

Jay Avrett – Director of Graphics

  • Joined Montebello Packaging in 2013
  • Has 28 years experience in the graphic arts trade
  • Proud to be part of a company built from a solid foundation with good manufacturing principals
  • Contributes infinite creativity, motivation, and the energy which is essential to the completion of projects
  • Appreciates having the freedom to help make our products better and to watch new products, which have never been manufactured, become a reality
  • Positive and happy person who enjoys his work and working with other creative people trying new things and improving the day-to-day tasks
  • Special interests include making craft beer, hunting, and most recently – ice fishing in Canada
  • Also enjoys cooking on his grill, continually improving his BBQ skills

Derek Duval – Director of Supply Chain & IT

  • Joined Montebello Packaging in 2014 as part of the Special Projects Team.
  • Responsible for the Planning, Raw Material Procurement, Logistics and Customer Service departments.
  • Dedicated to creating a hardworking and fun work environment.
  • Avid follower of geopolitics and global affairs.
  • Enjoys reading history and political/business biographies and spending time with his wife and kids.