What We Believe In

Our Values

  • We believe Montebello has a responsibility to protect the environment, to promote good manufacturing practices, ensuring a safe, clean and orderly workplace.
  • We respect each other as individuals. We value teamwork based upon open and honest communication. We believe in individual growth, personal ownership and in rewarding performance. We take pride in our accomplishments; enjoy our work and having fun, individually and as a team. People are our most valuable asset.
  • We believe in running a financially stable company while maintaining the highest ethical standards with our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and the community.

Our Innovation Vision

  • We believe technology is what will move us into the future.
  • We will look for economical, efficient, flexible innovation that will help us respond quickly to fast changing markets and customer needs.
  • Our key to a successful manufacturing future is to build a bridge between our people and new innovative technology.
  • Our culture will promote and develop creativity in our employees and provide the framework to transform these ideas into new products and processes to benefit us all.

Our Mission

  • Montebello will be the premier global supplier of collapsible aluminum/laminate tubes, aluminum aerosol and beverage containers and markers.
  • We will be acknowledged by our customers and suppliers as the industry leader in quality and service by exceeding their expectations.
  • We will achieve continuous growth while earning a solid return on invested capital.
  • We will continue to provide a safe and challenging work environment, facilitating employee participation through “Total Team Involvement” while generating a passion for success and excellence.