Montebello takes great pride in being the chosen packaging supplier for all your new marketing opportunities. Montebello manufactures Aluminum Tubes and Cans, Laminate Tubes, both Foil and All-Plastic Tubes for Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cosmetics, Household, Industrial and Food products.



If you can imagine it, we can make it. Montebello can provide the perfect package to hold and enhance your trusted brand.

Our ability to design and manufacture tubes that meet your exact requirements is what sets your package apart from the competition. We offer market leading collapsible aluminum tubes to durable laminate tubes and custom-designed caps. From markers to fragrance canisters, we have your package. Rigid, airtight cans, cylinders and shapes for products as diverse as your imagination. Montebello has the design expertise and production know – how to get the job done and done right – and right on time.


Aluminum Tubes

Laminate Tubes

Caps and Closures


Cosmetic Bottles / Personal Care

Aluminum Beverage Bottles

Aluminum Aerosol Cans

  • Montebello has 60 years of tube production experience with dedicated facilities located in the United States and Canada. Our product specific Laminate and Aluminum Plants optimize in creating the highest quality tube. Montebello offers a knowledgeable sales force, flexible run sizes, in-house graphics department and responsive customer service support.


Featured Product

 Our Aluminum Aerosol Cans come in a variety of diameters, lengths, and shoulder configurations to provide you just the right package for your product.


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The Winning Neckless Tube

Montebello Packaging’s Neckless Tube is now a multi-award winner! It has received the 2014 Best Food Tube of the Year award, 2012 Food Tube of the Year award, and in 2010 it received the Ted Klein Tube of the Year award. The Ted Klein Tube of the Year recognizes the most innovative tube design. Each of these are annually awarded by The Tube Council.

This tube’s patented design as a single use laminate tube eliminates the need for a conventional threaded neck and cap. This innovation provides the opportunity for cost savings and the…

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Tube Foods in Space

Tubes in Space!

Explore some of the ways food in tubes are used.


Chris Hadfield and some incredibly floating Canadian space food

Tube Food for…

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